Absolution Toning Cream-La Crème du Teint

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Moisturiser with colour make up and care. Reduces redness and puffiness under the eyes, unifying skin tone while maintaining a clear complexion. Protects skin from the sun. Fights spots and blemishes.

Brand: Absolution Cosmetics

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It is a moisturiser with colour that unifies, soothes and protects the skin. Protects from the sun and pollution while fighting blemishes and imperfections activating cellular repair. It is made with Tamanu oil with regenerative properties and high regulatory power over sensitive skin. The detoxifying power of Green tea accompanies the natural processes of the skin and helps maintain a clear complexion; its astringent tannins maintain the firmness of the skin and soothe irritation. Thermus thermophilus is an active marine biological bacteria which lives more than 2 km deep under the sea and which possesses exceptional self-protection capabilities allowing it to survive in a particularly aggressive environment. Thanks to this, the skin is protected from ageing caused by external aggression. The hydrolate of Immortelle is a well-known activator of cutaneous circulation, it decreases the dilation of blood vessels, reduces redness and puffiness under the eyes and tones the skin tissue. Aloe Vera, combined with Fucocert, moisturise and soothe the most sensitive skin. 99% naturally occurring, 48% bio

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