Alluvian Natural Deodorant 60ml

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Alluvian Natural Deodorant 60ml

Does not include aluminum, Synthetic dyes. Preservative Free and Paraben free. This formula prevents odor all day long. Based on 100% natural ingredients.

Fine scent and superior performance that is what you can expect from all natural Alluvian deodorant. Using only pure and nourishing ingredients and essential oils. Includes nahcolite, kokum butter, Irish sea moss, Bergamot oil. Biodegradable, plastic-free housing supports your environmentally conscious efforts to reduce your plastic footprint.

Application: Depress bottom until a few millimeters of product is exposed.  For best results, apply to underarms after shower.  If using in colder climates, allow product to rest on skin for a few seconds to gently heat for better application.  If product becomes difficult to press out, squeeze sides and then try again.  There you go!

60 ml

Brand: Alluvian

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